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ATM/VISA Debit Card

It’s the ultimate in CONVENIENCE. It’s an all purpose card . . . a check and an ATM card rolled into one!

Use it as a checking card . . . when dining, shopping, traveling . . . anywhere that the VISA logo is displayed. Your expenses are deducted directly from your Financial Plus checking account. NO more writing checks. No more waiting for check approvals when you shop- just sign your receipt and you’re on your way. And, best of all, there’s NO COST to use this card. All point of sale transactions are FREE.

Use it as a SURCHARGE-FREE ATM Card. Use your VISA Debit Card for withdrawing cash from your savings or checking account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at any ATM that displays the Co-Op Network logo.

SURCHARGE-FREE means no more having to pay a two dollar or more surcharge fee that other financial institutions charge for using their ATM. You will only be assessed the $1.00 transaction charge when you use these ATMs and no transaction charge when using FPCU ATM's. To locate ATMs in the continental United States, please use this convenient ATM locator.

ATM locations

Apply for your ATM/VISA Debit Card TODAY! Contact any of our five offices for more information on this great new service.

Report lost or stolen cards to VISA and Financial Plus immediately.
VISA Debit Cards:  (815) 433-1496 (24 hour support)
VISA Credit Cards:  (800) 543-5073  

For additional information about Financial Plus Credit Union, please E-Mail us
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