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Tweens n' Teens Club

The Tweens N’ Teens Club was created for our Tween member's ages 10 through 12, and our Teen members ages 13 through 19. This club helps these members learn to manage their own finances and gives them a head start in establishing good credit as a young adult.

With a $1 savings account at the Credit Union, they are eligible to join the Tweens N’ Teens Club, and become a lifetime member. This club offers savings, savings certificates, a checking account, an ATM/VISA Debit Card, loans and VISA Credit Card accounts until the young member turns eighteen years old. Normal credit requirements apply. Because we are offering these options with the account, a parent or legal guardian must be a joint owner on Loans, VISA and checking accounts.

The Tweens N’ Teens Club (TNT Club) also offers the following special promotions and prizes throughout the year:

  • TNT Club members are invited to participate in special promotions throughout the year and are eligible to win prizes and receive free gifts
  • They may sign up for a Share Draft checking account* at Financial Plus and receive their first set of 50 checks at no charge. This checking account offers no monthly service charge, no minimum balance requirements, a carbon copy of each draft written, no per check charges, overdraft protection at no charge, monthly statements which documents all of their share draft activities, and many different check styles to choose from.
  • They are also eligible for a VISA Classic Credit Card* which offers a 28-31 day grace period, no annual fee, a low fixed rate of 11.95% apr, up to $250,000 free travel insurance, and a monthly statement
  • TNT Members may apply for a Financial Plus loan* which is subject to normal credit and collateral requirements
  • TNT Club kids may receive an FPCU ATM/Visa Debit Card* which offers no annual fee, no fee for the card, and allows them to get cash 24 hours a day, seven days a week at ATM machines locally and throughout the nation. It's a great way for college kids to access their account at school.

    * An adult's (over the age of 18) signature is required for Share Draft checking accounts, VISA Credit Cards, ATM/VISA Debit Cards, and/or Financial Plus loans for members under the age of 18 years old.