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Online Banking

Samsung Pay

Get the great features and benefits of your Financial Plus Credit Union Visa® card with Samsung Pay. Use Samsung Pay at your favorite places to pay for all your favorite things.

Visa. Now with Samsung Pay. Pay confidently on the go.

Samsung Pay is now available on Google Play™ as a free download for compatible devices.

How To Get Started!

Step 1

From the Home screen, touch Apps, and then open Samsung Pay.

Step 2

  • Touch ADD or, if this is the first payment card being added, touch Add a credit or debit card.
  • Align your card inside the frame to automatically detect the card number and expiration date. If your card can't be detected, touch Enter card manually.
  • Enter the remaining information and touch NEXT.
  • Review the terms and conditions, and then touch AGREE TO ALL.
  • Select a method to authenticate your identity using a one-time password (OTP).
  • Enter the OTP and touch SUBMIT.
  • To enter your signature, use your finger or a stylus and touch SAVE.
  • Touch DONE to complete the process.

Step 3

After the card is verified, it can be used immediately to make a purchase.

Simple, secure, and designed with our best available security

It makes transactions super easy. Just swipe up to launch the app, secure with your fingerprint, and hover over the card reader to pay.

And it’s safe — your purchases remain yours alone. Samsung Pay uses several layers of security. It keeps your payment information separate and doesn’t store or share it, so you can pay without worry.


What should I do if I lose my phone?
With Samsung pay security, your information will stay safe and protected. Nobody can process a payment without your fingerprint or PIN. If you don’t recover your phone, you can use “Find my Mobile” to disable Samsung Pay. And of course, be sure to let your mobile carrier know you’ve lost your phone.

I have lost my physical card and will be receiving a new replacement card. Do I need to change it in Samsung Pay?
Yes, you’ll need to delete the original card from the app and replace it with the new card.