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Life & Disability Insurance

Members have the option of choosing peace of mind and security with their loans against unfortunate accidents or situations we sometimes encounter.

In case of death, the outstanding loan balance will be paid off. If you are sick or unable to work, your payments will be made for you.** You can apply at any time during the term of your loan. The three standard coverages are:

  • Single decreasing term life
  • Joint decreasing term life
  • Single disability (primary borrower only)
  • Joint disability

*Conditions and guidelines to apply. **14 day waiting period applies.

The life and/or disability premiums can be added to your low loan payments. The rate is determined by the term and amount of your loan. Other benefits of payment protection:

  • The cost is based on group rates
  • A physical examination is not required
  • Benefits are payable even when other insurances are in force
  • Coverage is not tied to your employment
  • Hospitalization isn't required for payment, just total disability for accident, or under a physician's care for sickness