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Wiley Wabbit Club

For newborns through age 9 years old, the Wiley Wabbit Club is an excellent introduction to saving money. This club also provides incentives and prizes to children to make saving and learning fun.

  • The minimum amount for a membership Savings account is $1.
  • A special KIDS CORNER is set up at our Credit Union offices for the Wiley Wabbit kids to conduct their financial transactions.
  • Their own Wiley Wabbit Club Identification Card
  • A Wiley Wabbit Passbook to help them watch their savings grow
  • They will learn the "secret" passwords and secret sign to the club
  • Club members are rewarded with a small gift called a "Wabbit Weward" each time they make a deposit to their savings account
  • Wiley Wabbit Club members are invited to participate in special outings and promotions, and are eligible to win prizes
  • The Club's mascot, "Wiley Wabbit" makes several appearances throughout the year at local parades, and Financial Plus parties and promotions

Wiley's Hide and Hop Expedition

Clue Three

Where greenery thrives, where blooms and foliage come alive. You'll find gifts for all occasions here, from potted plants to trinkets rare, you'll find it all, with time to spare. Wiley did a skip, jump, and hop over to what shop?