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Below are scams and fraudulent activity we've seen locally. In addition, please visit the Federal Trade Commission's SCAM ALERTS page for other current and ongoing scams that could affect you.

VISA Credit Card Fraud Alert UPDATED 2/3/17

In recent weeks there have been several reports of fraudulent charges from New York on FPCU VISA credit cards. In response we initially blocked all FPCU VISA credit card charges from New York. As of 2/3/17 we have lifted the block for online purchases but it remains in effect for in store purchases. If you have any questions, please contact us today!

Gas Pump Credit Card Skimming Alert - 9/20/2016

There have been several credit card skimmers found inside of gas station pumps in Peru, Ottawa, Morris, and Plainfield within the past week. Skimmers are small devices that can scan and store credit card data from the magnetic stripe. Crooks can install skimmers on a gas pump out of sight of customers. Once the card is run through the skimmer, the data is recorded and later utilized to create counterfeit cards.

To avoid skimming only use pay at the pump at locations that mark their pumps with tamper proof stickers outside the credit card reader or pay inside. The security seal or tamper proof sticker will look similar to image below. If this seal is cut, damaged or broken, do not use that pump and report it to the gas station attendant.


Fraud Alert
You may be getting scammed!

Are you cashing or depositing a check for any of these reasons:

Items Sold on the internet
     -Is the amount of the check more than the item's selling price?
     -Is the check drawn on an account that's different from the person buying your item or product?
Winning a Lottery you never entered
Work at Home Program
Commission for accepting funds through your bank or PayPal

Have you been asked to:

Return some of the check proceeds?
Wire, Western Union or money gram some of the funds to someone?
Send money overseas?
Pay money to receive an inheritance?

Have you responded to an email requesting you to:

Confirm, update, or provide your account information?
If you answered YES to any of the above, please contact us today!

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